Business Basics

This series of 11 free online learning sessions will help you decide if starting your own business is the right path for you, then guide you through the steps involved in getting started.

Business Basics

Have a great idea and want to start your own business? Do you understand what it takes to be successful?

If you’re unsure of what it takes to start and run a business, you are in the right place! There’s a lot of thinking, planning, and research to be done before you can get started. Our Business Basics sessions will help you through that process, so you don’t need to figure it all out on your own.



10 essential sessions covering all the basics



Complete each session in 30 minutes or less



All e-learning sessions available in French & English

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The Sessions

Each of the eleven sessions runs 30 minutes or less and concludes with a quiz. You will receive tools, templates, and helpful resources throughout.

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1.Are You Ready To Be In Business?

Have a great idea for a new product or service? Before getting started, a little self-assessment can go a long way in determining if self-employment is the right path for you.

2. Researching Your Idea

Before starting a new business, it is important to research the marketplace and your competition. Then do a thorough validation of your business idea through a variety of methods covered in this session.

3. Business Structure

This session provides an overview of the different business ownership structures and the risks associated with each, in order to help you decide which is the best fit for you.

4. What Are Government Regulations?

Business regulations are set out by Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments. By the end, you will have a checklist and an overall understanding of the required regulations.

5. What Is A Business Plan?

This session will take you through all aspects of developing a strategic business plan and ensure you are ready to act on it.

6. How Do You Finance A Small Business?

There are many options available for financing your new business.  This session will help you form a plan to get the money needed to start your business.

7. Why Do Market Research?

Market research will help you make data-driven decisions, understand your competitive advantages in the market, and why customers will buy from you. This session will equip you with the tools needed to conduct market research — a critical element for success.

8. Sales and Marketing

A strategic sales and marketing plan will ensure the word gets out and the sales come in. This session provides tools to better understand the needs of your customers and how best to connect with them.

9. Do You Need Insurance?

During this session, we will provide an overview of business insurance and help you determine what types you need to protect your business and customers.

10. How To Register Your Business

Now is the time to register with the Province of Ontario. This process will provide you with a Master Business License and is mandatory under the Business Names Act.

11. Non Profits 101

In this session we will talk about if there is a need for your non profit idea, what goes into building a solid foundation and the non profit registration process.

Find Your Local Small Business Centre

Did you know there are 54 Small Business Centres throughout Ontario? Expert business advisors are available to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with information and advice specific to their business.