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If you’re like most business owners, you’re running the show day-to-day and trying to find ways to get more time away from work, less stress while you’re at work, and increased profits to fuel the growth of the business. You might feel like the business is running you, rather than the other way around!

This content-rich session is packed with tips and strategies to help you get the time and money to do more of the things you want to do. You’ll pick up practical ideas that have worked for other business owners, to build a business that works for you – not because of you.

The ActionCOACH 6 Steps is a tried-and-tested framework you can follow to build a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you… starting with mastering key business fundamentals, optimizing your marketing spend, and setting up systems that will save you time, energy and money. If you’re going to take your business to the next level, this seminar will give you a roadmap AND help you focus on making your first move.

Presented by: Caitlin Blundell, Certified Business Coach & ActionCOACH

Caitlin Blundell is a certified business coach who works with successful business owners who have their sights set on the next level.

Working with Caitlin, business owners take back control and build a more profitable enterprise that can work without them. After all, no one starts a business because they want to work long hours with no vacation! As an entrepreneur herself, Caitlin brings a great deal of empathy and understanding of the challenges involved in running a growing business, which has guided her work with new entrepreneurs and seasoned leaders of multi-million dollar enterprises alike. As a coach, she provides a comprehensive framework for setting (and achieving!) ambitious targets across all parts of the business – from sales and marketing, to operations, to time management, to recruiting and training a great team.

With a background in new technologies and teaching experience from Ryerson University and Centennial College, she is a skilled communicator who brings great energy and fun. Attendees have described her seminars and workshops as “lightbulb after lightbulb” and “vision-expanding”.

Caitlin offers a range of group and individual coaching programs and is available for customized team training and strategic planning workshops.

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