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Selling a product to a customer you have never met is the holy grail of commerce. From Shopify to Amazon and Etsy, we break down all the misconceptions of selling online. With an estimated $3.5 trillion (2019) spent online each year, now is the best time to offer your products to a larger audience. Is your brand ready to launch?


*A limited 15 seats are available for this workshop.


Agenda (2 hours)

  • Introduction: 10 minutes
  • eCommerce ecosystem overview: 10 minutes
  • Audience and product development: 30 minutes
  • Distribution and fulfillment: 30 minutes
  • Calculating profitability: 10 minutes
  • Q&A + resource sharing: 30 minutes

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Ecommerce Product Canvas

Understand the eCommerce ecosystem.

During this workshop, you will learn the 5 key areas of eCommerce: Audience, Product, Fulfillment, Marketing, and Value. Participants will complete an eCommerce Business Model Canvas specific to their business. You’ll gain the insight to choose an eCommerce platform that best suits your unique business model. This workshop is led by at least 2 facilitators—a technical implementation expert and a marketing and branding specialist—who are available to answer any questions.

Your first steps.

You will learn what products are best to sell online, how to find an audience, how to determine the best methods for shipping and fulfillment, how to retain customers, and much more. Participants will choose a product, define their audience, understand their marketing strategy, and run a profit margin calculation. We recommend a new canvas be created for each product/ audience you plan on selling to. This workshop is extremely hands-on.



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