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Kingston Psychedelic Town Hall is designed to network, share and explore the advancements of psychedelics in Kingston

The Kingston Psychedelic Society, in collaboration with Kingston Economic Development Corporation, Queen’s Psychedelic Research Association and Fractal Workspace are inviting you to an evening of networking and information gathering centred around the emerging science and traditional practices of psychedelic plant medicine.

Join a community of curious Kingstonians, top academic researchers, leading facilitators and enthusiastic psychedelic advocates as we come together for an evening of networking and information exchange.

  • Meet others across the city involved In advancing psychedelic medicine access
  • Learn about the latest research in psychedelic therapy for mental health
  • Share personal stories and create new friendships with like-minded community members
  • Get a “sneak peek” into an amazing new project coming to Kingston

If you’ve heard about the exciting potential psychedelic medicine can have on our health and wellbeing and you’re curious about what is next for the city of Kingston, join us for a special evening to learn more, connect and have fun!

There is a limit of 50 free tickets available, first come first serve.


Cory Firth:

Cory is a human-impact community builder, communications entrepreneur and plant medicine advocate who has spent the last 5 years building communities in the mental health and wellness space including his work as the former Executive Director of the Canadian Psychedelic Association. After a 20 year battle with depression, Cory has committed his career to a vision of the future where the stigmatization of mental illness is replaced with compassion, transformation and community connection; a world where we work together to reunite with our innate abilities to heal, overcome and actualize our full potential. Cory is passionate about creating an open, empowered and collaborative community of psychedelic wellness practitioners in Kingston to advance the mental health of our community.

Rich Tyo:

Rich Tyo is a registered psychotherapist, mental health advocate, musician, arts educator, psychedelic practitioner, and founder of the Kingston Psychedelic Society. For the last 10 years, Rich has supported individuals in their preparation and integration of transpersonal/ psychedelic experiences with a transpersonal, somatic, and harm reduction lens. He also leads psychedelic cannabis ceremonies for groups and individuals and has spoken internationally on topics such as psychedelic harm reduction, micro-dose research, spirituality, and shadow work. Rich is passionate about community building and holistic mental health education in order to support people in finding their skills to navigate the deep healing within our collective and individuals psyches that is essential during these uncertain times.

Elena Koning:

Elena Koning is a PhD Student in Clinical Neuroscience at Queen’s University. She has investigated the use of psilocybin as a novel treatment for dysfunctional eating behavior in psychiatric illness and is a member of the Psychedelic Science Advisory Committee at Queen’s. Her research is also focused on investigating circadian rhythm disruption and the concept of “metabolic jet lag” in mood disorders. As the Lead of the upcoming Centre for Neuroscience Studies Podcast Series, Elena is passionate about sharing evidence-based ideas in creative formats.

Alex Prosserman:

Alex Prosserman is a graduate student in neurophysiology at Queen’s University. He has research experience in behavioural psychology and cognitive neuroscience, and his current research focuses on electrical coupling between neuroendocrine cells. He is passionate about psychedelic research and fostering a dialogue surrounding psychedelic experiences, research, and more broadly, human consciousness in a transparent and safe environment. He has volunteered at MAPS Canada for 2 years and is the president of the Queen’s Psychedelic Research Association, a multidisciplinary club aiming to educate, destigmatize, and explore psychedelics in history, the current literature, and possible future models of regulation.

Special Presentation from Ron Shore:

Ron Shore spent 23 years in front line harm reduction and community health and is the founder Kingston’s Street Health Centre, a multi-service community health centre serving marginalized communities. Ron has taught drug and addiction studies at Queen’s for 15 years, and has taught Psychedelics, Politics and Harm Reduction at the University of Ottawa for the last two years. Ron has a Master’s in Policy Studies (Health Policy) from Queen’s University, a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, and defends his PhD dissertation on the clinical application of psilocybin in June of this year. Ron is currently a psychedelics Research Scientist with Queen’s Health Sciences within the Dimensions Health Research Collaborative.

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