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In this session you will learn about different types of ads and how to plan and budget a Facebook Ads campaign.

Being the most popular social media platform in the world (2.91 billion active users every month), Facebook Ads is a great tool for advertising for both small and large businesses in 2022.

It’s easy to say ‘create a Facebook ad campaign that drives traffic and conversions.’ However, it requires skill and experience—and continuous attention.

In this workshop learn how to

  • Types of Facebook Ads
  • Plan and Budget a Facebook Ads campaign
  • Select the right advertising objectives
  • Install Facebook pixels
  • avoid Ad Account bans

About The Presenter

Orzala is the owner of Make it Happen Services. An online marketing boutique that helps small businesses develop and implement an effective digital marketing strategy using social media and email marketing techniques.

Orzala is passionate about helping small businesses grow their online presence furthering their business success. Orzala began her journey earning a post-secondary diploma in Business Administration, followed by earning a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree.

She is an active member of the community. She has mentored young entrepreneurs at the BACD (Business Advisory Centre of Durham). Orzala is a columnist for Beautiful Magazine covering topics such as Social Media Marketing & Branding.

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