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One of the best tools a small business owner can use to connect with other professionals is LinkedIn. When forging partnerships or staying in touch with clients, this free social networking platform is often the first place they will try to connect. When building your business, it is important to go where your customers are. For connecting with professionals, posting business news, or discovering future employees, LinkedIn is the only social network that’s purpose-built for businesses. This workshop is hands-on; you will create a basic LinkedIn Company Page from scratch, specific to your industry and product offerings.

*A limited 15 seats are available for this workshop.


Agenda (2 hours)

  • Introduction: 10 minutes
  • LinkedIn Personal Page: 25 minutes
  • Creating a Company Page: 35 minutes
  • Creating your first post: 15 minutes
  • Tips and tricks: 20 minutes
  • Q&A: 15 minutes

Presentation (PDF)

Creating your LinkedIn company profile

During this workshop participants will learn about the importance of building a professional network and establishing personal connections. Additionally, participants will begin expanding their network through their peers and will explore how to promote content and have their peer follow their business account. This workshop is led by at least 2 facilitators—a technical implementation expert and a marketing and branding specialist—who are available to answer any questions.

Your first steps

During this workshop, you will build your LinkedIn Company profile, create your first post and start building connections that follow your business. Participants will complete the full LinkedIn company profile creation process specific to their business and industry.


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