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A thorough review of the (mainly free) resources that the entrepreneur will need to use to populate their start-up business plan. Resources for specific industries; for demographic /consumer information; corporate customers, suppliers and competitors; key regulations; and industry trends.

Introduces start-ups to:

  • Resources for specific industries: Government agencies providing “big picture” statistics; federal programs whose databases are freely available; and municipal websites that summarize conditions in local industry sectors.
  • Demographic / Consumer information: Census, and redistributors of Census data such as Toronto’s Neighbourhood Profiles and Canada Post’s Precision Targeter.
  • Companies: as customers or suppliers, and also to learn from competitors: commercial directories, governmental directories of importers and of local businesses, industry associations and journals, and financial info sources
  • Government regulations: trademarks, labelling, importing, professional certification.
  • Industry trends: Using Canadian periodicals to find articles about customers, competitors and trends.
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