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Registering a Business

Where do I register and what does it cost?

February 19th, 2021||

You can search, register or renew your business name using a single, simple online tool called the Integrated Business Services Application. If you need access to a computer, visit your nearest Service Ontario Centre with public access computers. Information on registering by mail or in-person can be found here. The cost to register your business is $60, search requests are an extra $12 to $26 depending on the types of records you want to include in the search.

Do I have to register my business?

February 19th, 2021||

Under the Business Names Act of Ontario, the following business types must register: sole proprietorships (one owner) carrying on business under a name other than the individual’s full name partnerships carrying on business under a firm name other than the full names of the partners corporations carrying on business under a name other than their corporate name an existing general partnership or limited partnership registering a business name different from the registered firm name limited liability partnerships extra-provincial limited liability partnerships; and extra-provincial limited liability companies

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