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This webinar series aims to inform about incubators and accelerators and shines a spotlight on Venturepark Labs. Venturepark Labs is a non-profit supporting early-stage entrepreneurs in the food & wellness categories.

What you will learn:

• What is an incubator/accelerator?

• How can incubators or accelerator programs help early-stage businesses?

• What is Venturepark Labs?

• How can Venturepark Labs support early-stage entrepreneurs?

• What is the Venturepark Labs’ Food Incubator?

• What is the Venturepark Labs’ Concept to Market Sprint program?

• What is the Venturepark Labs’ Accelerator program?

• What other resources and services does Venturepark Labs offer and how can you join Venturepark’s programs?

Join us to learn more about incubators and accelerators, like Venturepark Labs, and how they can help your small business today.

Speaker Bio:

Stella Antonio is the General Manager at Venturepark Labs’ Incubator Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that helps and supports early-stage entrepreneurs in the food and wellness category.

Venturepark Labs is a dynamic hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. It provides resources, mentorship, and the infrastructure needed to turn entrepreneurial ideas into reality.

Stella’s culinary background and industry insights have been instrumental in providing support within Venturepark Labs’ ecosystem. Her unwavering commitment to entrepreneurs, coupled with her dedication to fostering innovation and community building, extends far beyond the confines of the kitchen incubator.

With an eye toward the future, Stella is committed to Venturepark Labs’ core values of putting entrepreneurs first and striving for better.

To learn more about Stella Antonio, connect with her here.

About Venturepark Labs
Venturepark is a Canadian organization that helps consumer packaged goods’ (CPG) brands grow. Its food incubator helps 45 companies annually and its accelerator program has helped 150 brands grow and nonprofit initiatives that have supported many Canadian entrepreneurs. It offers free online resources, product development support, and a food manufacturing facility in Toronto. Venturepark partners with industry leaders and creates a vibrant ecosystem for CPG brands to thrive.

Learn more at www.ventureparklabs.ca.

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