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Launch & Grow Your Food Venture: Pricing Strategies

August 10th, 2022|, , , , |

You've decided to start a food or beverage business, but what do you need to know? The interactive and engaging session will focus on P&L (Profit and Loss statement) fundamentals including developing a great understanding of how to price their products, understand their cost structure and ensure they develop a model that will deliver an ongoing and sustainable margin and absolute profit. The course starts with a personal P&L to ensure all participants relate to a business P&L and then uses product examples to illustrate how important it is to gain a great understanding of the financials. It would then zoom into the different areas of the P&L such as Revenue, Cost, and other expenses. The pricing section would include understanding customer (retailer) margin expectations in various channels and how to structure your pricing to account for these margins and still be profitable. The learning outcomes include gaining a practical understanding of the P&L, pricing methodologies and maintaining a sustainable and profitable business

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