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Guide to Business Structures in Canada

October 18th, 2023|News|

One of the first tasks for an entrepreneur is to decide what type of business structure is best suited for their new endeavour. Each structure comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, and as your business evolves you may find it advantageous to move from one type to another. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of business structure in Canada to understand which makes the most sense for you.

Business Planning for Small Business

January 9th, 2023|, , |

This webinar is aimed at entrepreneurs in the early stages of small business development who are looking at various types of business models and trying to determine where to start. By the end of this presentation, you will understand how to determine if your business idea is feasible, create a business plan, perform market research for your business plan, interpret your idea into a realistic financial plan, and take the next steps to get your business off the paper and into reality.

Marketing Essentials for Small Business 101

January 5th, 2023|, , , , |

For any new business, growing your customer base is your top priority. Marketing is a critical piece of being found by your target audience, converting those prospects to customers, and keeping customers over the long term. This webinar will give you an introduction to the tips and tools you need to get your marketing started on the right foot. By the end of the presentation, you will have everything you need to establish your brand, identify and reach your target audience, get your small business found by your prospects, and drive new sales through the groundwork of establishing your small business's marketing presence.

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