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4 Ways to Put Fun Back in the Buying Process

As we draw closer to this year’s holiday season and prepare our businesses for the return of the shopping flurry, we are seeing people all over Ontario getting ready for what is expected to be a busy shopping season. As the business owner it is your duty to provide the best experience for your customers, and my humble holiday hot take is that this year make sure to put some extra fun back in the buying process!

One of the biggest factors that we have seen shoppers miss out on is the social part of shopping! We used to make plans and dates all around going to the mall together. It was an experience that we can recapture as we add a little bit of fun back into their shopping journey.

First off, let’s look at what fun is really about:

Fun – /fən/

NOUN – enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

“the children were having fun in the play area”

ADJECTIVE – amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable.

“it was a fun evening”

Knowing this, we can work on creating experiences that are for the enjoyment of the customer. We can focus on making sure that when they think about your brand, that they recall the fun times.

What can I do?

Here are 4 different ways you can start (today!) putting some fun into your customers buying experience:

1. Live Q&A / Demos

  • This may sound silly, but consider hosting a live Q&A or a demonstration of your product/service on your business’ social media pages and see what questions your clients may have, or hear what they have to say.
  • Customers love to see what’s going on behind the scenes. If you are an expert in your product or service, then put that knowledge to work and show off to your customers.
  • Infomercials used to be a thing…

2. Loyalty Programs

  • If the 80/20 rule still holds, why not reward your clients for being your clients by offering them better value for their money.
  • Simple punch/stamp card system (Physical), E-commerce presents many different options.
  • 5-8 normal purchases. No more. Easy to redeem, provides incentive.
  • “Restaurants have always used free food as a perk for their VIP diners to keep them happy and coming back.” -Matt Maloney, CEO, Grubhub
  • NFC Technology

3. Top 10 Lists

  • Your clients like your products/services for a reason: they trust your judgment. Share with them the thought process behind how/what you do.
  • Easy to host via Facebook Live
  • Can create a whole campaign around seasonal items
  • Cross posting between your business’ social media platforms to build excitement around a new launch.

4. Social Selling

  • Make it easy to promote your products and services while maintaining your brand.
  • Creators feel like your friends. People develop emotional connections to their favorite products and brands.
  • No better salesperson than a 5 year old. They will give you an emotional experience about why they should have dessert before they finish their supper. Be that passionate.

And there we have (4) different ways you and your business can put some fun back in the buying process of your customers.

Remember: Fun is enjoyment. Fun is fulfillment. Fun is a promise. Fun is a hope. FUN is also a band.

There are all kinds of different fun things you can do, such as going live, Q&As, special theme nights, product galleries on social media, reviews of your own products (fun with food!), social get togethers, game night, and so much more.

Have fun getting fun with your customers! You might just see a few more smiling faces.

Written by: Adam Gibeau – Digital Dorsal