• Adam Thompson


Adam Thompson has been an aspiring entrepreneur all his life and has been a client of the Orangeville & Area SBEC for a number of years. He has worked on a series of business ideas but this has been a break-through year for him. In the midst of the global pandemic, Adam launched and  successfully runs Adam’s Wear, a T-shirt company featuring high quality apparel with custom-designed artwork and a message of hope and encouragement – “BE CALM. BE KIND. BE SAFE.”

Sales have been steady and with the help of the SBEC’s Virtual Business Advisor program, Adam has been able to access digital marketing expertise to raise his profile, expand his market and grow his business.

Adam is an amazing entrepreneur because he understands collaboration and that working on a team is the way to succeed! Thanks to Community Living Dufferin support professionals, Town Tees, Branching Out Support Services, his sister Nancy, and the Virtual Advisor Program, Adam's business is strong and viable.

To order your shirt today visit: http://www.adamswear.deco-apparel.com/