Let’s face it. Starting or expanding a business in our economy’s new version of normal isn’t an easy task. There are new COVID-19 protocols to adhere to, new business models to create, new methods of doing business and some industries are experiencing all-time revenue lows without knowing how they’ll ever recover.

But having said that, new businesses are still starting all the time and many existing businesses are scaling and growing at a rapid pace. For businesses that take the time to listen to their customers, identify the gaps in the markets and create a business model that sets up the business for success, there hasn’t been a more exciting time to be an entrepreneur.

However, the small business ecosystem is changing rapidly and some days it might feel like your business idea is getting caught up in the weeds of this change. This is where a business advisor can help you slow down, take a deep breath and then move forward to execute a solid plan.

Okay, so now you might be asking yourself, this is exactly what I need, but how do I start and where do I find an advisor?

The Small Business Centres of Ontario was created by the Province of Ontario and their network of small business advisory centres to be the first stop on your pathway to profit. One single website where entrepreneurs could come to find answers to their questions and when those questions become more complex, be directed to their local support team who are ready and waiting to deliver a customized plan.

As an entrepreneur inside of our space, you’ll be benefitting from the knowledge of the vast network of business advisors from all 54 local centres across the Province of Ontario. This website is the culmination of years of work by this network who were looking for a cohesive starting point for new and existing entrepreneurs that would deliver general business knowledge and support and then move then on to their local team.

Our network’s sole purpose is to support you, the entrepreneur, as you navigate the new small business economy, whether you’re in start-up mode, purchasing a new business for the first time or looking for support to add a new revenue stream as you pivot to meet the evolving needs of your customers.

Inside this space you’ll find links to your local advisory team as well as one of the most extensive e-learning modules for start-ups around. We know that running a business in 2021 is going to look a lot different than it used to. We’re here to help you figure out what it looks like for you. But we also have answers to your most-asked-about questions. Questions like:

  • How do I register my business?
  • Are there any grants available for me right now?
  • I have an idea. What’s the next step to bring that idea to life?
  • Do I really need to register to HST?

And so many more. Then there’s our virtual, self-guided e-learning platform. You’ll be able to take short, actionable workshops that will help you along the road to opening. Modules include:

  • Business Basics
  • Researching Your Idea
  • Business Structures
  • Government Regulations
  • Business Planning

…and so many more are coming online every week. Our e-learning platform is one-stop-shopping for the answers you need.

Finally, we know you’re going to need customized, next-level learning opportunities and we’ve create a page on our site that will give you access to specialty training events both at the local and global level, led by industry experts in their field. Simply click on the events tab to find a workshop that appeals to you and register.

This space was created with an entrepreneur’s needs in mind. Thanks to generous government funding, our centres are now able to support you locally and virtually through the Small Business Centres of Ontario, as you navigate the exiting waters of entrepreneurship. Consider us a part of your team.